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Contract Preparation

Need help or advice on getting a business sale contract prepared?

Sometimes it’s best to get a contract prepared before you take the business to market, and sometimes it’s best to get a contract prepared once you have a buyer. Our team of advisors can help you navigate your way through this process. Our team has completed over 4,000+ business sales across Australia within the last 20+ years.

Support & Consultation Services

At times you may have questions that keep you up at night. You may need additional support to help you achieve that successful outcome for maximum results. Our experienced brokers and consultants are available to help you with any of your selling challenges.

Information Memorandum Production

The information memorandum is the document used to convey specific details about your business to the buyer. Information includes high level snap shots of your operations, assets, financials and other pertinent aspects of the business. It’s important that this should be presented in a concise and professional manner.

Advanced Video Production & Aerial Photography

If your business is unique or requires a customised touch, our professional video
and photography team can asist. From walk-through videos to drone captured
aerial photography - we’ve got you covered.


Additional Advertising Options

Sometimes a business needs an extra push to get it sold. Talk to one of our experienced consultants and find out what other options are available for you.

Sometimes we all need some assistance.

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